Trip to "Nova Ves"

There is a nice palace in small village... special palace... its something like orphanage! So beautiful children.... you cannot imagine... so friendly staff! And look at their official web :

The trip to town called Kourim (in ENG its mean "i am smoking" :D )

The next photos is result of our invasion to small city "Kourim". Clean and peaceful place, where the time has stop, in good meaning. You cannot imagine, but look at their web, you will find out, why is this city special. For those photos we can say something:

  1.  Kourim square...clany, so nice.. they could be proud of it...
  2. Church of St. Stephen - good place to make VIP parties on new level, can we rent it for a few days?
  1. ...and there is secret escape exit when you will not pay rental..thats good!
  2. That place, from where we have blocked traffic in both directions is called Prague Gate.. and by this we thanks to all patiant Kourim drivers :P
  1. Nice nature near town force us to breed...eeeh.. to have romantic time..
  2. Every city must envy their town pakr on the walls, we have found a guard there, a police tree, which attack us before we have marked it... 
  1. To climb the Kourim rock is easy for us... but we did not want to climb more than 1,5 meter :P
  2. We have find prehistorical painting on these rocks... what our ancestors wanted to give to us? :D

That lady on that low quality photo (no light, lightning doesnt help)  below is mayor of Kourim town, Mrs. Zuzana Cihakova. Thx for your help and for many other things, we wish you a good and peacefull life. But becouse of the "atacking police tree", as the punishment, you will have orange hairs on back and on shoulders forever hehe :) And when she was so kind, we offer to scared not only innocent inhabitants, but we will take the children too, With the help of Basic school of Milos Solle director, Mgr. Hana Borova, we decide to destroy peacefull teaching in every class of first school (btw school is secured well! Well well!).

Dox wanted to eat few children, but they were so polite and we like polite children! So at least he poke few of them by his claw...bad fox! In last basic school they dont have so polite children we have to say! 

Becouse we had not so much time, so we just little walk among them and take few pics and some videos. From time to time some of them got our sticker, which (we hope) will be placed in the middle of window at their home :D We thanks to all of the children, teachers and most to the director and we belive their children had a good time for a while! Thx and bye! Dox and Tucy

Note: During that day we done over 200 photos, over 4 hours of video and walked so many kilometers. We are destroyed and we go to dance next night :D So c u soon!


This pics doesnt need comment... the most brave children from first school! Congratz and pic is yours :)

Trip to Hlinsko in Czech city

Our little trip. We have tested new equipment for night vision. Test show us, we cannot see nothing even in day light with that technology laughing. Our assistant Asik was very happy for our blindnees, his navigation in style :" to the left, left, street lamp, right, hole in the floor, left, right, strait, car, left...." bring us back to our temporary nest, where the Asik could overdose in peace himself with antidepresives. So we have must stay one day more. Next day I have got the "power" to fight  water condensation and Tucy could se what mess do we have even in the night :P

Lorry transport in Hlinsko city is quite strong, but we must say - drivers are so funny! They always said "hello" by their hooting, which makes to everyone around pleasant bleedig from ears and noses. We thx to them and say "hello" to them by this way, as well to the local inhabinants! :) And we have finished our stay by important shopping:


So, we have decided to set up this section for you with our trips and some pics. I will not put old thing here, i am not able to indentify from where is which pic and we have not so much place. So you will get what you want :) Here will be no video, but i will take some pics from it from time to time. There will be only one video, i am working on it but i am busy. So enjoy it! Dox