Happy New Year 2021 to all! :) Dox a Tucy

Hi there, We have got a few questions about a difference between Mk.4 (left side) and Mk.3 right side.


We have a lot of to do, we are late with making heads and other things, (6 month queue), so from now we will not taky any other offers. On the photo there is type Mk.4L ("lady with pink lip) and one unfinished classic.

More news : Till October, we think we will finished new video, you will be shocked I am affraid, it will NOT be for children, it will be full of violence. Anyway, we have a lot of actions outside and other things and its not funny to put it together becouse Covid, so sorry if we will be late with video :/

construction + unfinished head

Construction Mk.4A, price 290 Euro, without other equipment, without fur (with fur its started at + 280 euro, depence on your wish), with ventilator (powerbank is in prize, its connected by USB) + function eyes, very good view through dark glass. Antifog technology you will get free (0,5l) or you can buy it separately by 10 Euro. Dont buy antifog sprays in the markets, it is NOT working, we have tried a lot of them, but its realy not working, we have made our own. If you use some antifog spray, afterthat you cannot use our invention on that glass, we have our own chemician who developed it for us. Openable function mouth, absolutlely comfortable, easy to put on head, stabile, flexible, made by your wish. The first photo is first prototype made for us. Another photo is very comfortable interier. Yeah, and the 4 kilograms kitten is our Caesar :)

Trip to "Nova Ves"

There is a nice palace in small village... special palace... its something like orphanage! So beautiful children.... you cannot imagine... so friendly staff! And look at their official web : http://www.ddnv.cz

We are working at Mk.3 fullfursuit right now. We will not make or sell Mk.3 anymore,becouse we are developing new Mk.4 head for sale for our friends from "the fox club". Detailes via email. 

Testing of Mk.3 in Chotebor city - Brooklyn club. Thx to Misa Patek for the chance to testing new dancefursuit equipment. Only one from 4 thing failed! Thx a lot!

We have finished the third generation of our dancefursuits Mk.3... We have find better ways of construction, take down a weight of head a little + head is more comfortable, power of attach is not lower, field of vision grow up by 10% in horizon. UV and LED lights has been removed, integrated speakers as well.


We are working on new Mk.3 fullfursuit. We hope everything will be better.

Looks like our clowning in Kourim city was fine. We are at tittle page of their local newspaper. And inside there are some more things.

Friday The 26th January 2017, our city and our basic school has been visited by 2  smiling foxes Dox and Tucy. They just want to visit our town for whole day and make happy everyone, who they met... and so they did. We thanks them for better friday day. If you want to know more about 2 foxes, just look at 2 foxes.eu + few of our photos we made there.   Thank you!

Trip to the Kourim city.

"Kourim city". So clean and piecefull place. Lets look at its website: www.mestokourim.cz, there you can find out, why this little historical city is so different. We visit local basic school too.1.photo : Mayor of the city Mrs. Mgr. Zuzana Cihak. Thank to her kindness, help and a lot of other things. 2. + 3. photo : Basic school of Milos Soll. Thanks to all pupils, teachers and mostly to the director of BS. We belive, you have better day after we visit you :) 

Whats new?  DM LIFE, s.r.o company, namely Mr. Jiri Prochazka knows, whats our favorite drink, which helps us to keep concentration during exercising of choreography...  thx for a free gift :)

Trip to the Hlinsko city

Lets testing new eye technology for night view.... and what we can see after 25 minutes? Nothing :) , even we have used antifog spray, condensation of water inside still exist :/

Our heads has a lot of technical mistakes, so we have made new Mk.2 heads. A little nicer and more balanced. Its still not enough comfortable, air flow and change has been improved, eletrical is more effective and steady. Our eyes are different, i found new way for better view. So lets enjoy it. 

On that pic below you can see Mk.2 head, unfinished (the ear and other things)

Hi there, I am courius for our english here, it will be fun :) So, we missed logo, but it was expensive to buy it, so Dox has become angry and during 4 days he made this one by himself. So we hope you will enjoy it!

 And others will have fun too, we let it print as a sticker few thousand times, we will give it to a "few" children, so they can put it everywhere at home, on wallpapers, on mahogany furniture, or to the mid of new TV. Parents will surely appreciate their skilfulness. So once more - Hurray!!laughing