Hi there!! We know its late, but we want to say happy new year 2019 to you! We are so busy iat our jobs, but we are still working on upgrade of our dancefursuits, ots about better shoes, changing teeth, changing critical parts of suits and many other things. By the way we have started to make new video. Soon it will be really cold outside, so its time to go out :) CU! :) Dox and Tucy

Dox: Hi, so we can put some news to this place now. At first, I tried to make a webpage. By the yank out few pages from Tucy´s favorite book nothing has changed, except my left cheek. So i tried internet. It is lucky, there are tools for dumb animals. Originally I wanted adress: howtoremoveTucy.com, but after my right cheek becomes red too (thx Tucy), I decide to change it. So 2foxes.eu for english language and 2lisky.cz for Czechs has been born. Both of us are very sorry for our English, we will write everything in both languages, we hope it will be better after some time and dont be affraid to write us, when you will see something definitively wrong in our English, we will repair it...maybe tongue-out Thx.

Hi there, temperatures goes down and we have started to go out :) And becouse we want a little more action start, we have decide to make another new movie. And becouse you scream for some dancing to see, you will get it. But its not all, there will be another "animal" with us in the movie. We have already started to make new suit for it, it will take us aprox. 10 days. Which animal it will be? You will see :P  The movie will be finished till September, we hope.  See you soon :) Dox and Tucy


Hi to all! :) ... the summer is comming... we are lazy and it started to be warm, so mostly we will do our job in interiers (there are some exceptions). So now we will keep only the plan for summer (few jobs and actions). We are very busy and we spend free time around our hole, we will put some news from time to time about that, but it will be only few of it. If you have idea, lets write to us. So bye then, your Dox and Tucy!

Whats new?  DM LIFE, s.r.o company, namely Mr. Jiří Procházka knows, whats our favorite drink, which helps us to keep concentration during exercising of choreography...  thx for a gift for free! :)


Whats new? People from Kourim city, where we have been clowning.... they like the blocking of traffic :D  So they wanted to punish us... and we are at tittle of their local newspaper. And inside there are some more things.

Friday The 26th January 2017, our city and our basic school has been visited by 2  smiling foxes Dox and Tucy. They just want to visit our town for whole day and make happy everyone, who they met... and so they did. We thanks them for better friday day. If you want to know more about 2 foxes, just look at 2 foxes.eu + few of our photos we made there.

It was fantastic trip, thx to the mayor of the town and thx to the director of basic school, it was fun :D Thx and see you!

PS : If you want to visit some town in Czech Republic, first go to Kourim near Kolin, its reallly fantastic, you will see !!! Dox and Tucy


We have finished second generation of our dancefursuits... so we are ready start to make third gen. The most important thig on it - modules! We have 6 month to do that. Of course, we still continue with non-comercial and comercial activities as well.

It mean a lot of thing for me. Need to find better ways of construction, take down a weight of head a little + head must be more comfortable, but power of attach must not be lower! Put 2 more ventilation, find a way to have shorter time for maintenance of eyes before suit up (now its about 25 minutes - only so we can have 99% quality view), field of vision must grow up by at least 10% in horizon. Upgrade the airways in head for air exchange (its good now, but everytime can be better :P) Remake wiring (i am not friend with electrical things). To make better attach of some components, to do better integrated speakers, to make module sole...and so many other things to do ::D But we want to keep our toothy design :D So... lets start :)


Hi to all! Just a news about another testing of equipment in Chotebor city - club Brooklyn (its the best club ever!) Thx. to Misa Patkova for place and chance to test our new dancefursuit equipment. Only one from 5 failed. Hurray! Thx a lot! 

Fresh photos without and with flash!


Hi there! So we have came from Kourim town, we have almost die there, becouse a police tree wants to kill us by its limbs! But we have survived! And whats more... our camera is destroyed, so you dont need to scream for photos anymore :P Give me more time for video, we are very busy now. I will set up a new section about our trips with pics - so its all non profit only. Another news is, we must set up new price for workdisturbing from 2000 to 6000 CZK (10-30min.) We cannot do only this, we want do some fun for free for you! Dox has leave his second job and he is doing only advertisement and 2 foxes, there is so much work. i think we will need two more people for our team soon. We are sooo busy, but we dont want only to earn money, we want some free fun for you! We know its true, thaat becouse of money we can go to everywhere and anytime, but the most of time takes travelling! I think, that solution can be to buy a good caravan maybe, 90% time can go back for us, but its so expensive for now. We will do what we can! Wish us good luck! :) Dox


Hi there! We have got a permission from the mayor of the town called Kourim! so we can take some photo and videomaterial of us for you! And whats more...we can park almost everywhere :P Thx, we will see each other soon! Now its up to weather only... we want snow! :D


So, we have finished celebrations of new year, slowly, we are preparing for a lot of changes. We have made few changes at our costumes, we lost one of our clients, becouse he cant do the place safety (but we thank to him). And some other things...


Merry christmas and happy New Year to all!

We have decide to spend last minutes of last year in a new place, so we have choose Vagon club in city called Golcuv Jenikov (without dancefursuites of course) :P  We were the oldest there :D But the activity of that kids was excelent, seriously. It a good club, even for young children around 16yo. DJ sux. Drinks and prices - the best! Security - perfekt! Floor was dry till midnight at least. So, it nice place and we like it, we give 14/20. Thx to all there, it was fun. :)  Dox a Tucy


Dox: Hi, today i have removed most of photos from this web and soon will put a better ones.The old one was terrible, i know it, so sry for that, we need better camera. I promise it will be soon. embarassed And video... till the new year :)


Tucy: Hi there. We have choose a city for our new pics, i hope the weather will be good. Its a little nice town called "Kourim" which is not far away from Prague (50km). Dox have some friends there, so we will take a place to stay there. We will try to get permission from mayor of this town and we will try to get to "Kolin"s hospital to scare some kids, if they will want. We want to do it till end of 2017. Yeah and btw do you know about someone who is able to make something about us at instagram? But dont tell it to Dox, he hate soc. networks :) Thx


Dox: Hi, so you mailed me a lot about photos. You see, but its not simple. 'We have a rules, if its possible not to publish anything. (there are exceptions for clients) When i have found a great photo, client said "no, its too much" laughing. Yu now, we dont want to publish our commercial thing, simply becouse we dont want to lose it. For us its a lot of money for a night, few thousand EUR, we can make a lot of children happy from these money. Our clients are from Russia and we dont care, becouse they pay well and they are nice to us and they are like what we do. Czechs are not used to have V.I.P. party so often and they spend not too much for it.

We just dont want to make a reason to have competition So you know?  cool We are happy just like it is now and we dont want to change it. I will try to find some photos and i will try to make a video after new year. Bye :)


Tucy: Finally, Dox have done unqualified notifiable trade to his person, so no third party anymore! Hurray!!

And becouse of the last accident we have decided not to put time of our free actions to this web. Thx to Czech furries. Our commerce acts places are stil secret, but i saw some of you do what they want to. We shall see, what bosses of these privat actions will say, you will lost your membership to that places. undecided


Dox: I have deleted rest from "pics to pick up", it was a lot of old photos there, but we know most of photos was downloaded, but you did not write to us! I will bite you all :/


Dox: Hi guys... you can guess whats happened today! After a job at our important client in "Ostrava" city we have decide to go at our car in two foxes, than a aprox. 25 y.o. boy came to us. He screams at us "you are fu..bast...****** and ****** and ****" and more... by my polite words: we are very bad foxes and we have take advantage of furry comunity for money and he is a furry and he is "angry" now....laughing .. he said, that furries are polite, tolerant, with good intention, peaceful, very clevert, becouse mostl of them are programators and we used them to make our own fursuits and we talk bad about them and they will destroy our webpage and do more damage and blablabla..... Well.. afterthat he goes back to hell or to somewhere he cames from, even we tried to talk to him. OK sir. We will try to explain a few thing here.

1. Polite furries? You are example of polite furry, arent you? I am not counting our other experience as well.

2. Tolerant furries? Our expirience from few Czech furry webs confirms your behaviour.

3. We have used furry community as much as you can use cyclone. Dancefursuit is NOT fursuit. We used every manual on the internet to make these suits, we have done fursuits...true... but what was the surprise afterthat, we cannot see well, we cannot move like we need, we coud not to breath even with fan and i am not talking about acrobatics in it. Shoes, hands and heads was flying in the air like birds... so we took that fursuit, take everything useful from it and rest we destroyed (i still have rest of first head).

So step by step we have developed every part to match with our conditions. Development of our dancefursuits tooks over a year, i have been gotting advices from all people around me at my officialy work (opticians, electrical engineers and many others...so many peoples and i thank to them now, but nobody has build it ever, so we have to find solutions by ourselves. There is a lot of month of testing. Every part goes through test, every part has been made few times and it was better and better. You can buy a good fursuit from 1500 EUR, but the price of dancefursuit is 5x higher (and you must know how to do it). Why is the price so high? There is so many things inside which furries dont need, but we do. You need componets to remove static electricity becouse it hurts electronics, you need headphones, microphone, interphone, control comunication unit, several bateries including reserve ones, you need special air ways for air cycling, you need extra clamping construction of head, which is very light, comfortable... another 100 things.... if i have to write everything, i wil be here till tomorow.

So, NO, furries dont know how to build a dancefursuit, even it looks similar, but belive, it is NOT similar. I have seen few furries to dance in normal fursuits and it was what i has expected, flying parts of suit, broking suit... of course there are exceptions, it depends on type of dance.

4. Furries are smart, becouse most of them are programators and the wil destroy our web - well... i have been programator too, when i was young (turbopascal). If you want to destroy our web, ok, i have multiple backup, it will take me 1 hour to put it back and what more, we dont have any money from this site, its only for kids and frineds and clients. And whats more, if its up to me, there will be no webpage...

5. I know, that not every furry is bad, me and Tucy have registered to few CZ furry webs and FA, we see the evolution of fandom and fursuiters. There is a few furries in abroad and we have no problem with them, but we cannot say the same about Czech furries... there is noone we personaly know with whom we have a good relations.  Maybe its becouse we dont like aggression, lies, pretence and neverending sexual harrasment.

6. At the end of that, if you want to hurt us personaly outside (it means to be peacefull for you as a for furry, right?), we have to warn you - min. 1 camera is always on becouse of people like you (yes sir, you are on the record cool ), belive, that every attack to us you will only more hurt your comunity. Good luck.


Tucy: Hi, there is nothing new, becouse... becouse nothing has happened laughing We are still dancing, sometimes we meet you on the streets. Well, we have few emails about some our new pics and videos. We understand. We will make someone. We have a plan to go for a trip to some nice place in CZ. We are deciding between 3 small cities. Hope we will choose the best one. About new video, lets continue write to Dox, he has aprox. 1000 hours of material and doesnt want to do some nice video. You still can hear: "i dont have program, i dont have time, i dont have starship..." just Dox kiss. I am not good in work on PC, so sry. Dox must do that. I hope on the end of this year he will do something. Cya


Dox: Hi there!! So we have done some job in 2 foxes and its time for upgrade! We have deecide to make better version of our heads. Almost everything what you can see is Tucys job. She did it better than last time and 3x faster (4 days per head). With this accuracy and speed she can start to make spacesuits cool

My work is everything, what you can not see, it is more functional,lighter, it has lost half of weight, its more flexible, the best is - it cannot be more comfortable cool. Flow and change of air has been improved, eletrical is more effective and steady. We have better and "quite horrible" UV lights now. (kids will be wet till 18s if they will see it on tongue-out). Our eyes are different, i found new way to do that and we can see almost everything now. Thats great! So lets enjoy it.

On that pic below you can see head during production, 70% is done, its 3. day, 24 hours of work, eyes are not accomplished - uncolored, as the ear and other things. But its a history now :)

Tucy´s cup------------------------------------------

Dox: Hey! I must put some stupid photo of new cups of Tucy... well... there was a little... tiny.... accident. I do.....eh, our cat broke 3 of 5 cups! So bad cat! And that terrible cat lost one more somewhere, so I took a photo only one of them... and do you know what? Look at 3 types of that stickers...you know? laughinglaughinglaughing. And i know... the photo of the cup is not good quality, but my hand is! cool


Tucy: Hi again. Dox was very bad fox last time. So he gets punishment. First I wanted him to be demeated, but I got better idea. Look! I have few new coffe cups and Dox paid for themmoney-mouth. Dox will take photo of it and will put it here! Hurray! I forgive him for now. tongue-out


Dox: Hi to all, I must to say, that our new stickers are practical and sticks very well. While Tucy was sleeping, i put aprox. 400 pieces onto her and noone has unstick! I hope she will find all 3 different types of stickers on her, the smallest one are the best, you can put it on eyes and into ears! cool

And becouse it will take her few hours to take it off, I can go to look for some photos, what you have started to scream for, and will try to put it somewhere here. Wait! I have fantastic photos of two foxes from next forest, when I have been with them becouse of fu......of repair...... of feeder... yes! I have been repairing a feeder for them! Of course! Eeeh... I forget its our web..... well, hope i will find some ours, legal ones... but it will be difficult....


Tucy: Hi there, I am curious for our english here, haha, it will be fun. So because we missed a logo, Dox has been forced to...ehm... Dox has decide to draw one on PC. And because he could not do it on PC, he has to learn it first, or he has no dinnertongue-out. You can see his art downthere. During 8 hours he has learn to draw like a kid. And even he has been tortured for 2 minutes by tickling, he was not be able to do it better, we said its OK. So lets launch new logo of 2 foxes! Enjoy it! Hurray!!

And others will have fun too, we let it print as a sticker few thousand times, we will give it to a "few" children, so they can put it everywhere at home, on wallpapers, on mahogany furniture, or to the mid of new TV. Parents will surely appreciate their skilfulness. So once more - Hurray!!laughing