Dox and Tucy ..... just 2 foxes .... At your service.


What do we do?

Our goal in this hectic world is to make happy anyone, even for a few seconds and it not depends on where - on a streets, in a hospital, orphanage, school, nursery, disco, actions for kids, various cultural, bithday and other events, parties of every type. We do some advertising too and few other things.

There is our one favorite activity. Dance. What kind? Put together choreography, pair synchronization and a little acrobatics and you will see. Its young dancing style called KRN (it has about 40% rules from L.A. style). For your better idea here are some our favorite performers for dancing: Martin Jensen, David Guetta, Inna, David Zowie and others.

 Warning! If you will see us to do "unusual" things, don´t try to do that  by yourselves! We saw a lot of people, who thought they could do it too and finaly they did concussions, broken limbs, blood, more please! And mostly a woman is hurted and man fall onto her. All of our tricks we do a lot of years (10 years some of them) and we know, how to do it safety. Don´t try it without expert assistance please! Thanks. Dox and Tucy.


Non-profit activities

There is not a lot of free time - we have own jobs and all non profit activities we pay just from our pocket. Sometimes we choose place of action from your suitable requests. From time to time we go to abroad. You can share any materials of us (photos, videos) if it does no harm of us, or if the use is not for your enrichment. We prefer fun for kids, but there can be exception. Kids with allergy to animal hair can keep calm, we have fake fur. 

And if you want to see it, here a short video. I am sorry for low quality, but i have never do something like making video :) So be nice to me :P There is our no commercial activity in the video - its non profit! And put the sound on :P      Dox


- Link for original music by Siamés "The wolf" -


Profit activities

  • Dance - We have few (mean 2 :D ) permanent customer base in private sector from old times, when we were dancing, now we put a little bid of extra fur, thats why our dance is different and we had to change choreography and few other things. We dont accept more offers yet, we have no time left and its really hard to do that.
  • Advertising - it´s up to deal
  • Production of fursuits and parts of fursuits - only for friends and clients!!
  • Party, birthday action and other action - its up to deal


Something about our "costumes"

We have developed and make maybe first dancefursuits, there is difference between dancefursuit and original fursuit. Our suit is modified for dance and acrobatics. Our vision is only little worse. Inside equipment we choose up to action conditions. There can be 0,5 Km of cables, outside UV and LED lights, some electronics, double power supply, ventilation, thermometers, Interphone and other things. Our suits are extra grounded. We use "bluetooth" to control our inside speakers for music, we could be really loud :P


Something about us

First of all we are sorry for our school english, we hope it will be better after sometime. Becouse of some new people, which needs more and more info, we decide to set up this web. We have finished our dancefursuits just on July of 2017. We are couple, we live long time together in Czech Republic in Vysocina region. Female Tucy + male Dox. We don´t suffer from any anomaly, in past life we were not animals, we don´t feel like animals. We have our costumes only becouse making better our hobby - dancing and to make smile to all people who need it. A lot of our friends, even family members dont know about our "job". We love music, dancing, moving and polite brought up children (two we have at home). We have a dog, cat and lots of hair at home. It could be enought about us.

By the way, theoretically we belong to furries community , BUT we dont want to have anything with them (only in Czech - personal reasons). Thanks.       Dox and Tucy.