We are Dox and Tucy ..... just 2 foxes .... At your service.

What do we do?

Our goal in this hectic world is to make happy everyone, even for a few seconds and it not depends on where we do that - on a streets, in a hospital, orphanage, school, nursery, disco, actions for kids, various cultural, bithday and other events, parties of every type as a "decoration", company parties etc.

Non-profit activities

There is not a lot of free time - we have own jobs and all non profit activities we pay just from our pocket. From time to time we go to abroad. I put a few old records together with older Mk.3 suits. I am sorry for the low quality, but I have never do something like making the video, so be nice to me :P And its better with the sound on!

New video with Mk.4 suits. Wolf lady is Mk.3 type, in one scene there is an old Mk.3 Fox :) Sry for quality, but we have only old technic.

Profit activities (rarely nowadays)

  • Advertising - billboards, shots, videos, promo and more
  • Production of fursuits and its parts, technology of making, more info in "news" section
  • Birthday action and other action, company parties, comic situations - 5 euro per minute


Something about our "costumes"

During few years we have developed and made a line of animal costumes (made of fake fur) from MK.1 series  till the newest Mk.4 (picture under this). We are stil working on new types.

 Something about us

First of all we are sorry for our school english, we hope it will be better after sometime. Female Tucy + male Dox, from Europe - Czech Republic. We don´t suffer from any anomaly, in past life we were NOT animals, we don´t feel like animals. We have our costumes only becouse of little bussiness and of course becouse of making fun to all people. In case of any questions, just write us to 2foxes@2foxes.eu   Thanks, your Dox and Tucy.